A brief review of War Robots and Guide

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War robot is free to play the game on mobile. Android and iOS devices are perfectly compatible with this game graphics and gameplay. The game is free overall, but if any player wants to have additional items they can purchase it from the store with real or can try revgaming.net to earn currency and skins easily. Mostly player love about the game is that the game is so attractive and entertaining, and it is developed by Russian company name Pixonic.


 In the game, there are several modes to play like solo and multiplayer and PvP at very antique locations in the game. For the perfect gameplay knowledge, there are nine map locations where players can play, these locations are –

·        Springfield

·        Yamantau

·        Canyon

·        Shenzen

·        Moon

·        Valley

·        Dead city

·        Carrier

·        Dreadnought

·        Powerplant

Each map has different in size, environment & obstacles, and it is not easy for every player to play perfectly at all locations because they all are very different. Every location required a particular kind of strategy of attacking and defending. The modes of playing are also very interesting because here is three kind of way to play Solo, Multiplayer and PvP. In most of the cases, the server of the game adds missing players together and starts six versus six from both sides of robots. If you have played a lot of games, you will know that counter-strike, PUBG and similar to these games also have the same way of matchmaking servers.

It takes a maximum fifteen minutes to choose a robot the suitable robot to fight after spawning on an island. Any player can update their robots to the max from war robots hack 2019 with any efforts. A single match usually takes ten to fifteen minutes to complete, but if an opponent is easy, the match can finish more early.